F.I.T. Bespoke

F.i.t. bespoke is a fully integrated service, tailored for you individual needs.

At the beginning of your F.I.T. journey we listen to what your goals are and carry out our exclusive F.I.T. movement assessment. This gives our experienced coaching staff the opportunity to get to know you and understand any training barriers you may have, your training and injury history, along with your physical capabilities. Based on your goals, and our findings, the coaching team will then design a programme that is the right fit for you.

You choose the most suitable service for you, either, individual coaching sessions, or you may opt for Semi-Private Coaching. A new training concept that creates a positive & highly motivating environment where our F.I.T. coaches will assess, guide and observe you and up to 3 other clients simultaneously, each working your own programme but getting the benefit of mutual motivation. As the service is bespoke we can tailor it to suit your needs. Regardless of your F.I.T. journey, your F.I.T. programme will be revaluated after 4 to 6 weeks and you will have a F.I.T. review after 3 months to assesses your improvements and revaluate training goals.

As a F.I.T. Bespoke client you have access to all the F.I.T. Groups, Yoga, as well as the use of the gym during open training included within your membership.

Unlike other gyms we don't promise quick fixes. Like anything in life it's about time, effort and reward, our F.I.T. programmes are designed to inspire, motivate and achieve your goals.

What we can promise is an environment and community where members thrive on their improvements both inside and outside the gym.


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“My twice weekly personal training sessions over the last 2 years started as rehabilitation after a serious horse riding accident. My programs are always unique to me and my particular needs and the trainers couldn’t be more encouraging and supportive. Not only have I got full mobility back but I have gone on to be stronger and fitter than ever before.”

Lesley Smith