F.I.T. Group

F.I.T. group is designed for those clients who want to take advantage of working in a group environment.

Helping clients achieve specific outcomes in line with their own goals and objectives. Classes are run throughout the day with a different focus to achieve maximum results.

Our fitness classes include:

  • HIIT Classes

  • Circuits

  • Conditioning Classes

  • Strength Training Classes

  • Yoga Classes




“I joined F.I.T. as I wanted to join a gym that I knew could support me with my knee problems.

I persuaded James to come with me as I was really nervous as I hadn't ever been a ‘gym go-er’! The first session was tough after years of not exercising but everyone was so friendly and welcoming we felt bad not coming back!

Over two years on we are both still coming - it has totally transformed our lives! We do the group sessions together and separately depending on our schedules. We have made some great friends and improved our fitness - training as a couple allows us to spend time together and keep each other motivated.

Everyone is so supportive, all the sessions feel personalised and we are really noticing the results! We are so lucky to have found something we genuinely enjoy and we can’t imagine life without the F.I.T. now!”

Charlie Barlow